Who we are

Meeples for Change is a non-profit organization. We believe in a world where each person would thrive through their individuality. Culture plays a significant part in how we understand ourselves and develops empathy for different people. Tabletop games offer a unique immersion and social experience and therefore constitute a unique medium that strongly impacts on our bias, both implicit and explicit. As the community grows, we must ensure that tabletop games send a positive message and reflect the diversity of the society. That’s why we want to bring more awareness to the industry and support those who share the same values.

Our missions

Advocating diversity

Images and characters we can relate to help us understand how we are included in society. A lack of representation can cause one to perceive themself as different and unusual. Tabletop games can introduce players to less common groups, making them more understanding, comfortable, and accepting of someone from an outgroup.

Fighting stereotypes

Even when there is diversity, sometimes those portrayals are stereotypical and negative. By fueling misrepresentations of these individuals, board games feed the social distance that already separates different groups. How we interact with those representations contributes to our bias and towards one’s belief system and cultural identity. When a given minority or disadvantaged group is portrayed in a positive light, stereotypes can be dismantled.

Promoting accessibility

To celebrate each player’s individuality also means ensuring that people are not excluded due to their impairment. Ensuring that basic barriers are removed or reduced so that individuals with disabilities can play is to acknowledge that each of them is a regular part of our society.