Gender neutrality is essential when writing because it acknowledges the equality of all gender and that games are for all. Each language has its own rules to do this. We will provide you with guidelines for English writing. However, you will find additional information for other languages when possible.

# Pronouns

Guidelines that may help you in your writing:

Use gender-neutral terms such as “the player”. Your game may allow thematic designations such as “the pirate” or “the space pilot”.

As their first action, the leader must draw a tile from one of the stacks.
Player A takes a random card to Player B.

Create fictional players and use gender-neutral names or alternate between female and male names. When picking names in examples consider using names that evoke a mix of cultures.

Alex must pay the cost of the building and place it on the board.
Leila goes first and plays a 6. Next, it’s Alejandro’s turn.

Use more than one pronoun

Each player should move one of his/her/their workers to the next location.

Try making the nouns and pronouns plural

They choose a card and pass the other cards to the next player.

Use “they” as a singular pronoun (what is this?)

A player should not be forced to reveal their cards.

Use the pronoun “you” to designate the player. This might be the simplest of all suggestions. It also has the advantage of conveying gender-neutrality in other languages.

When you play a card from your hand, place it into your discard pile.

# Gender specific terms

In your text revision process, look for gender-specific terms and replace them with a gender-neutral one or another expression.

chairman chairperson
fireman firefighter
policeman police officer
businessman business executive
business person
workman worker
foreman supervisor
cameraman camera operator
mailman letter carrier
waiter / waitress server
stewardess flight attendant
fisherman fisher

# Localization

When you decide to make your game available in multiple languages, remember to apply the same standards to all of them. If you subcontract to a translation company, ask them to respect gender-neutrality.

To learn more about inclusive writing in other languages, please consult the different versions of our guide on our website.